Jobs & Relocation Information

Jobs & Relocation Information

The Williston Area continues to receive a great amount of press coverage due to our economic boom. Although jobs are plentiful, housing remains very difficult. Our recommendation is to invest a lot of your time looking for housing. It is difficult to live in a travel trailer or RV in the winter time with temperatures dropping to minus 30. Although energy jobs here are getting a lot of national attention, an extremely high percentage of our Chamber Members who are non-energy companies are looking for quality people to hire.

Jobseekers, please visit these sites to learn about employment opportunities: (Our local newspaper – click on classifieds)  (Local advertising paper) (Local news and classifieds paper – click on classifieds)
Further housing and relocation information can be found here: Relocation Guide.

City of Williston: For questions on Planning & Zoning or Building permits within the city limits, please visit the City of Williston website.

Williams County: For questions on Planning & Zoning or Building permits in Williams County, please visit the Williams County website.

For the most accurate, up-to-date listing of oilfield companies in the Williston area, please visit This site provides you with information on how to purchase a directory of oilfield companies in the Williston area. This is NOT an employment agency so please do not call them with employment related questions.