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Small Business Lending Partnerships for North Dakota and Western Minnesota. Small business is built by the work of exceptional people, superior products and services, and a passion for creating something that is bigger than any single person. Sometimes, all it takes is a partner to provide the financial resources, needed to fuel the machine with necessary capital. Dakota Business Lending knows each machine, or each small business, is different. YOUR small business has a unique story, which is why we aim to tailor loans that are the perfect fit for YOUR business. Regardless of the type of loan you need, we are excited to get to know YOU. We consider it a privilege to gain an understanding of your opportunities and challenges and provide you with the boost you need to be successful. Putting a small business plan into action often requires long hours, late nights, and a brand of sacrifice that is specially coded into the DNA of entrepreneurs. We believe that business lending is not just about lending money to business owners. It’s about taking your dream, your hard work, and your sacrifice, and infusing it with the financial resources that help you soar to new heights. Our Mission: At Dakota Business Lending, we provide financing solutions through collaborative partnerships in a supportive and creative environment to grow the economy and create and preserve quality jobs. Our Vision: Dakota Business Lending is committed to the success and growth of businesses in North Dakota and Western Minnesota. Our Values: • Integrity • Dedication • Knowledgeable • Professionalism • Responsiveness

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