A Letter From GNDC's President to the Williston Chamber

Andy Peterson, President of the Greater North Dakota Chamber, was unfortunately unable to come and speak to our membership this year, but did want to give our members information about the state chamber's legislative agenda.   
See Andy's letter below: 

The Chamber family is large, comprised of local chambers, state chambers, and the US Chamber in Washington DC.  In combination members of the family work to influence policy makers to assure the business community is represented when decisions are make that may have either a positive or negative effect upon the business climate in which we all work.  Chambers provide a business standard for each level of government  for which no other group is qualified to provide.

 The Greater North Dakota Chamber, North Dakota's state chamber, is proud to work with the Williston Area Chamber of Commerce at the legislature.  We know the Williston Chamber and business owners and operators themselves are challenged to expend  the enormous time and money it takes to be at the legislature on a daily basis.  However, as a member of the family we are proud to work with you as we protect the business interests of Williston and the entire state at the legislature. 

 Below you'll find our legislative agenda.  We've worked hard to get input from members and our partners including the Williston Area Chamber of Commerce.  Review the priorities at your leisure and know the GNDC will be omni present on your behalf at the legislature. 


The GNDC supports consistent and stable taxation. 

Key priorities this session:

·         Maintain current tax rates - keep North Dakota competitive
·         Maintain Apportionment formula change adopted last session
·         R&D Tax Credit - restore to 2007 levels (20% for qualified research in ND, $2M cap on credits)
·         Automation Tax Credit - Restore to 13-15 levels ($2M cap for qualified purchases)
·         Entrepreneurial Funding - increase state funding for entrepreneurial assistance through regional Small Business Development Centers, regional councils and Innovate ND


The GNDC supports education and a system which delivers a pipeline of skilled employees - from trades people to those with advanced educations:

Key priorities this session:

·         The K-16 system should be demand driven
·         The K-12 system should allow credit for career-focused courses and credentials
·         High school and post secondary education should lead to high demand jobs


The GNDC supports a market based energy policy which advances research, development, and deployment of new technologies to improve energy efficiency and support energy production:

Keys to North Dakota Success:

·         North Dakota should determine its own energy policies and should determine how it complies with federal energy policy, and not have the federal government dictate how we do things in ND
·         All ND citizens should understand the value of our resources and how to best use them
·         We need to advance our public/privatepartnerships to promote relationships between the lignite coal and petroleum industries to ensure their sustainability


The GNDC supports ongoing government reform which is guided by three principles; citizen-led, results oriented, and market-based:

Key priorities this session:

·         Impliment a competive sourcing model by state government to ensure its activities are best placed within the private sector or provided by government
·         Implement a systemic program within the auditor’s office to regularly review all programs and services provided by government to determine if they are best delivered by the state or by the private sector


The GNDC supports continuing Medicaid expansion:

Key priorities this session:

·         Continue with Medicaid expansion which supports the Medicaid population at the same level
·         Ensure as many recipients as possible stay in or enter the workforce
·         Support rural hospitals


The GNDC supports stability in employment law:

Key priortities this session:

·         Overtime and Minimum wage laws continue to reflect federal standards
·         North Dakota remains a right-to-work state
·         North Dakota does not impose additional restrictions beyond federal law regarding an employer’s ability to use a broad array of pre-employment inquiries


The GNDC supports our vibrant and strong WSI system:

Key priorities this session:

·         Maintain the lowest cost WSI premium of all fifty states
·         Support stability, predictability, and equitable outcomes in worker compensation
·         Continue to encourage and support safe and healthy work environments
·         Continue to support safety training


The GNDC supports North Dakota’s unemployment insurance laws:

Key priorities this session:

·         Continue to support current Century Code interpretation that prohibits the provision of unemployment insurance to individuals in a labor disputes including individuals who, through their own actions or inactions, become unemployed as a result of an employer initiated lock out or employee strikes
·         Continue to provide adequate and temporary financial assistance to employees who become unemployed through no fault of their own


The GNDC does not support any form of discrimination

Key Priorties this session:

·         Continue to support employer based non-discrimiation policies