Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest

Area Sites of Interest:
Fort Union Trading Post:
A reconstructed fur-trade era fort owned and maintained by the National Park Service.

fort buford.jpg
Fort Buford
A Pioneer age military fort. An interesting site is the military graveyard.

Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center:
A museum highlighting the history of the area where the Missouri River and Yellowstone River Merge. A historical center, boat ramp, camp site, and bike/walking path are located here.

Lake Sakakawea.jpg
Lake Sakakawea:
A large man-made lake on the Missouri River located close to Williston. The lake offers plenty of recreational activities. 

cut bluff.jpg
Cut Bluff Overlook:
A historic site located about 2 miles east of Williston on the south side of Highway 1804. Commemorating Lewis and Clark's campsite near Cut Bluff on the south banks of the Missouri River. 

James Memorial.jpg
James Memorial Art Center:
Originally the community library (est 1911), The James was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. It now serves as an art & cultural center for the community, offering art exhibits and art classes.

Old Armory:
The Old Armory recently celebrated its 100 year dedication! It was built in 1915 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. The Old Armory is now home to Community theater non-profit organization Entertainment, Inc!, founded in 1981. Entertainment, Inc! produces five shows each year. 

Williston Area Recreation Center:
A 234,000 square foot community operated recreation center, built in 2014, that includes gym facilities, golf simulators, and a water park. There are also more traditional Tennis and Basketball courts, along with turf fields and an indoor track.