History of the Chamber of Commerce

History of the Chamber of Commerce

Brief History and Organization of the Williston Area Chamber of Commerce 


The predecessor of the Williston Area Chamber of Commerce was founded on September 10, 1907, as the Williston Community Club. The general purpose of the organization was to encourage and foster the growth and prosperity of the city and trade area.

Charter members of the Community Club were E. C. Carney, N.B. Ludowese, H.C.Delaney, R.M.Calderwood, G.B. Metzger, L. B. Dochterman, E.N. Disney, John Bruegger, A.J.Stafne, C. Ellithorpe and E. C. Greenup. The first full-time secretary-manager was C. R. Sparks, who was appointed in September,1943.

The Chamber is registered as a 501 c(6) organization and is a volunteer, nonprofit business entity governed by a Board of Directors.

There are several standing committees of the Chamber. Each one supports and works toward one of the strategic goals set forth by the Chamber’s Board of Directors. The President and the staff support the committees and direct the day to day activities of the Chamber to meet these goals.

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